NATO SfP 978016 Monitoring of extreme flood events in Romania and Hungary using EO data  
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  The Romanian Waters Authority - Oradea Branch manages and uses the surface and underground waters, minor riverbeds, natural and artificial lakes, as well as the hydro technical workings corresponding to them. In this sense it provides:
- The activity of operation and maintenance;
- The activity of defence against floods and cadastral survey;
- The meteorological, hydrological and hydro geological activity through specialised networks in order to control the aerial and hydrological environment;
- The control system of the waters permanently follows:
  - The assurance with water of the consumers
  - The hydro meteorological control
  - The co-ordination of the measures of defence in case o flood
  - The control of the quality of the water and drawing attention in case of pollution
- The carrying out of the international convention with the same authorities from Hungary.

The Romanian Waters Authority
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RWA-OB, Oradea
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