NATO SfP 978016 Monitoring of extreme flood events in Romania and Hungary using EO data  
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Test zone

  For Romania and Hungary, as well as for many European countries, the most damaging geophysical events are namely floods and windstorms and in second order also landslides, earthquakes, avalanches and wildfires.
  In particular, floods produced in several areas cause every year important damages over large areas and also the loss of human lives and economical consequences. For the transboundary target area of Crisul Alb and Crisul Negru, crossing the Romanian Hungarian border, many flood events occurred in the last years.
  The frequency and importance of floods in the region require therefore work to reduce such damage, and better facilitate efficient monitoring by the organizations in charge of natural hazards, such as government agencies, civil protection authorities and municipalities.
  The evaluation and management of floods constitute the indispensable first step and the rational basis of mitigation measures against flood damages in order to protect life.

Consequences of the floods on Cris rivers >>
Crisul Alb river to Ineu
downstream of the central bridge
11 March 2000
Crisul Negru river
upstream of Tinca bridge
24 April 2001
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